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Quick Quick Slow by Allegra McEvedy

Quick Quick Slow

Kyle Books, 2016

Inspired by the foxtrot, this new book from chef Allegra McEvedy brings together a variety of tempos and cooking styles to create a unique collection of recipes all based around the rhythm of Quick–Quick–Slow.
Each Slow involves an initial input of kitchen time, then the canny cook walks away and lets nature take its course, only returning to whip up the Quicks and make any necessary finishing touches to the long–loved slow.
The Slow recipes are about more than low and slow stews bubbling away: they explore how time not only affects flavour and texture but allows for magic to happen. Allegra draws on pickling, proving, curing, pressing, marinating, infusing and preserving as inspiration for the time–takers that are at the heart of each triumvirate.
With the slow element underway, Allegra matches each one with a couple of eye–catching Quicks: speedy dishes that can be created in minutes, designed and crafted to complement, and in some cases complete, the accompanying Slow. And it’s this change of tempo within each threesome of Quick Quick Slow that keeps the energy and pace of first the book and then the food that comes out of it both varied and exciting.
There are simple suppers, light lunches, plenty of face–free veggie recipes and family feasts; stylish recipes for when you have guests to impress, and fun, flavoursome kid–friendly meals too. With Szechuan Treacle Crusted Pork Belly, Jamaican Oxtail Stew, and Dark & Stormy Gingerbread with Angostura Honeycomb, Allegra’s food foxtrot has the right moves for everyone.

Big Table, Busy Kitchen by Allegra McEvedy

Big Table, Busy Kitchen

Quercus, 2013

Big Table Busy Kitchen is a book about life, loss, food and fun. The idea was born from the loss of my mum’s scrapbook cookbook almost a decade ago - about 15 years after she’d died - and I decided to compile my own book of recipes for life, mainly with my Small Daughter in mind, just incase anything ever happened to me.
The only logical way I could think of doing it was by following the course of a lifetime, and so the first chapter is called It Begins with Baking, as that’s where most small folks start, and goes through student food, first date dishes, recipes for hungry new workers, then onto Bun in the Oven (for pregnancy eating), Family Favourites and finishes with an unprecedented (for me) third chapter of puddings and sweet stuff.
The idea was to draw both up and down generationally, from my beloved mum who was a great cook, and also to my daughter, thus arming her with EVERYTHING she needs to know culinarily at least through the course of her life.
It’s a mighty tome – it was always going to be, with the remit I’d given myself - but definitely the book of mine I’m proudest of. A proper family cookbook for our times.

Bought, Borrowed and Stolen: Recipes and Knives from a Travelling Chef by Allegra McEvedy

Bought, Borrowed & Stolen:
Recipes and Knives from a Travelling Chef

Conran Octopus, 2011 (paperback June 2013)

For as long as I can remember I’ve brought knives back from countires that I’ve visited, and whilst I’m travelling I always keep a food diary of anything interesting and foodie-related that I come across. That could be a dish I’ve eaten in a restaurant in Marrakesh, some surprising veggies in the market in Yangon, streetfood in Manila or stunning ice-creams in Italy.
Everything got jotted down, and this book is about me recreating those authentic flavours back home in my kitchen in Shepherd’s Bush. Each chapter is a country, and starts with the story of the knife I brought back…

Economy Gastronomy by Allegra McEvedy and Paul Merrett

Economy Gastronomy

Michael Joseph, 2009 (paperback July 2010)

The best-selling book to accompany the BBC primetime series, which teaches the reader how to eat better whilst spending less. Co-written with my friend, Paul Merrett, also a chef, the firsthalf of the book is dedicated to what we call ‘bedrock’ recipes, ones where you do one big cook when you have time, then novel ways to turn the leftovers into very different-feeling meals. The second half is just yummy recipes that don’t cost the earth and are crowd-pleasers for all occasions.

LEON: Ingredients and Recipes by Allegra McEvedy

LEON: Ingredients & Recipes

Conran Octopus, 2008 (coming out in the US June 2014)

The first cookbook from the award-winning restaurants I co-founded was a book of two halves: the entire front half of the book was devoted to our favourite ingredients from meat to fish, fruit & veg, dairy & dry stores, giving a bit of background info and some helpful cooking tips. The second half was the recipe book of the best sellers in the restaurants.
Currently in its 6th print-run, having sold over 80,000 copies.

Colour Cookbook by Allegra McEvedy

Allegra McEvedy’s Colour Cookbook

Kyle Cathie, 2006

The idea for this book came from hanging around the Farmers Markets over the course of many seasons, and watching how the overall hue of indigenous produce changed through the course of the year: new yellows and young greens in Spring, a summer full of redness, Autumnal burnt oranges and browns, and the year wrapped up with an explosion of deep, chlorophyll laden Wintery dark greens. Cooking by colour by season naturally gives you not only the best flavours, but also the vitamins and minerals to keep you well.
Winner of the IACP Cookbook Award in the Chefs and Restaurants Catagory

The Good Cook by Allegra McEvedy

The Good Cook

Hodder & Stoughton, 2000

My first book is a full-throttle run around of everything that had influenced me to that point in my life, taking in some family history, an extended stint in the US, cooking at the River Café and just about anything else that I deemed had affected the life and culinary attributes of this 30-year old chef.

With special thanks to Georgia Glynn Smith for her photograph and Anita Mangan for her illustration of Allegra on the homepage. Both worked on her latest book Quick Quick Slow.