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Sea urchins

Sea urchins

Had these beauties in Paris last weekend - with an outside shell like a Lady Gaga dress and inside that is rich, creamy and takes you on a sensory journey that’s like riding the crest of the wave. Unmisssable - they’re a now thing.

Grandazzi chocolates

Can you believe these are made out of chocolate???

A company called Grandazzi in Domodossola in Italy makes them… and a myriad of other amazingness. Check them out here. Mindblowing!!

Tin Can


this Soho pop-up is all about the best tinned fish ever, served up in a slightly uber-cool miinimalist space. The food is, errr, exactly what it says on the tin, with the cod livers, stuffed squid and Don somebody’s anchovies being the highlights. No frllls though - the fishies speak for themselves so just come with some rather nice bread and oil, a green salad and in our case a decent bottle. I was unsurprised to find out that it's a team of architects behind it…

Italian markets

The way they do markets in Italy!!

Great seasonal visual message from the one in Verona last weekend - last call for summer... here comes autumn!

A girl called Jack by Jack Monroe

‘A girl called Jack’ by Jack Monroe

Needless to say, Jack Monroe is an inspiration. It’s one thing to have taught folks how to eat well on a miniscule budget (a ridiculous £10 per week to feed both her and her young son, which is what she’s principally known for) but it's an altogether another to realise that you don't have to have worked in fancy-pants restaurants or travelled the world to know how to put flavours together. Jack gained her knowledge through reading, cooking and loving food without going further than her flat in Southend. Forget Michelin, this is the real deal.



When you hear the same ingredient mentioned three times in a week by three well-respected but completely unconnected chefs your radar starts pinging madly. Gochujang is a Korean (already recognised as the next big world cusine in our capital) fermented chilli-miso paste, a description which does nothing to sell its deep and desirable flavour. Best thing about it is you don't have to fiddle around with it much as all the flavour is already there. Get hold of some and be the first to tell your mates...

The Modern Peasant by Jojo Tulloh

‘The Modern Peasant’ by Jojo Tulloh

Jojo Tulloh’s new book is an absolute revelation and breath of fresh air for all us city-dwellers who want to be as close to the beginning of the supply chain as possible. She unearths those special people living right here in the Big Smoke who make cheese, honey, bread, yoghurt as well as those who forage, and comes up with some truly beautiful and gentle recipes.

Kuki Hojicha - roasted stem tea

Kuki Hojicha - roasted stem tea

My friend Caroline owns a fabulous Japanese restaurant in the city, Moshi Moshi, with possibly the freshest fish in town, coupled with an uncompromising attitude to sustainability. On a non-fishy note, she sent me a bag of this extraordinary green tea, made of roasted stems. I often find green tea a little flat on flavour – refreshing yes but not exactly delicious – but this stuff really delivers on the flavour front as the roasting intensifies the taste, and of course the stems carry more flavour than the leaves anyway. No idea where you can find it but really recommend tracking some down!